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The First Chicago Latino International Theater Festival, Destinos, produced by CLATA, is an annual theater festival that will bring together local, national theater groups with international artists from Latin America and the Caribbean.


First Chicago International Latino Theater Festival


We are launching the inaugural Chicago International Latino Theater Festival — DESTINOS.
Festival takes place September 29 – October 29, 2017 in partnership with some of
Chicago’s most prominent theater and cultural institutions.

Chicago Shakespeare Theatre
National Museum of Mexican Art
Steppenwolf Theatre Company
Victory Gardens Theater

Destinos contains a local, national and international perspective.

– Chicago –

Aguijón Theater
Teatro Vista 
Urban Theater Company 
Water People Theater

– National – 

Los Angeles 
New York

– International – 

Puerto Rico 
Theater transports people to a place that transcends boundaries, and towards a broader outlook on the world. Through this, the inaugural Chicago International Latino Theater Festival – DESTINOS, shares the belief in the power of theater to amplify first-voice Latino artists and to create a cross-cultural experience.

Check out the line up for the 1st Chicago International Latino Theater Festival, Destinos!



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