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Partnership Opportunities

Latino arts organizations make significant cultural and economic contributions to the city of Chicago. They present culturally savvy productions to their communities as well as to the greater Chicago area. Latino theater adds to Chicago’s rich cultural reputation, and augments its well-deserved notoriety for being the most exciting theater city in the country.
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Chicago will take center stage with the premiere of the inaugural Chicago International Latino Theater Festival, Destinos, produced by Chicago Latino Theater Alliance, in collaboration with three of the city’s leading Latino cultural organizations: the International Latino Cultural Center, the National Museum of Mexican Art, and the Puerto Rican Arts Alliance.

Cultural Savvy Experience

Be part of this amazing cultural experience and where our Partners can engage and brand with Latino consumers. We invite you to align your company with the Festival while garnering the credit for supporting the Latino arts community in Chicago.


First Chicago International Latino Theater Festival


  • Chicago Shakespeare Theater
  • National Museum of Mexican Art
  • Steppenwolf Theater
  • Victory Gardens Theater


Sept 29 – Oct 29, 2017


  • Four homegrown Latino theater companies
  • Two National productions
  • Four International productions

Latino Market Facts

The $1.3 trillion US Latino market is larger than the entire economies of all but 13 countries in the world. Wow.

And it’s set to grow by 50 percent in the next five years!

The Chicago Greater Metropolitan Area (DMA) has over 1.9 million Latinos that comprises 28% of the city total population with a purchasing power of 65 billion+ of disposable income and growing.

The Selig Center for Economic Growth predicts that by 2019, Latinos will account for 10.6 percent of the total US buying power.
Millennials make up 26 percent of the Latino population, compared to 22 percent for the US population.
Economic research suggests that the youthful demographic profile of the Latino population enhances productivity and increases growth in per capita incomes. 

US Latino Market growth in 5 years


Latinos’ US buying power in 2019


Millenials in Latino population


Latinos in the city total population



Latinos are by far are brand-loyal consumers. The theater festival is an ideal platform that offers companies cultural relevancy to brand their goods and services, while strengthening and embracing culture through community engagement.

The theater festival provides different levels of sponsorship to ensure maximum exposure through a robust advertising/ promotional /online campaigns, that will strategically maximize sponsors visibility with our patrons and ensure a return on their investment.

2017 Partners

Our Sponsors are helping us address the urgent need to support Latino artists in Chicago’s theater scene.

We work towards showcasing the best of existing and new thought provoking Latino playwrights and excellent Latino actors and directors in Chicago.

Chicago Latino Theater Alliance provides Partners with a unique opportunity to help preserve and promote cultural heritage of some of the best works of established and emerging Latino playwrights.

Thank you to our 2017 / 2018 Partners

MacArthur Foundation
Cultural Affairs and Special Events
The Field Foundation of Illinois
The Joyce Foundation
The Angell Foundation

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